About the Author

Professor Kenneth Smith has worked at the University of Liverpool since 2011 after holding posts at Keele and Durham (where he completed his PhD in 2009). His first book, Skryabin, Philosophy and the Music of Desire was published early in 2013, and he has published essays in music journals on Alexander Skryabin, Karol Szymanowski, Charles Ives and Alexander von Zemlinsky. In addition to his interest in Western art-music from the turn of the twentieth century, Kenneth is also interested in the analysis of popular music with a co-edited book (The Routledge Companion to Popular Music Analysis: Expanding Approaches, 2018) containing a chapter on Arab Strap, and he has published on form and harmony in Modest Mouse (2014) and Suede (2017).

Kenneth is president of the Society for Music Analysis, having served as Events Officer and Trustee.

Kenneth Smith


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